Luring you in with musical wailings…


Everyone knows you’re nothing in the teddy bear world these days unless you’ve been photographed on a pop stars head. And by that (slightly tenuous) logic these bears have officially MADE IT, because luckily for them they happen to be on the head of Charli XCX- precocious songwriter, Home Counties teen and one of the UK’s most exciting new talents.

Her new song ‘Stay Away’ is a thunderous electro ballad- pulsing with moody synths and unsettling lyrics. It’s a bit of a stunner- one of those songs which immediately resonates and has a sound which, while harking back to the moody laments of Shakespear’s Sister or Kate Bush, still sounds fresh and original in 2011.

So what’s it about? LOVE. But not the shiny, skipping in the park on a Sunday afternoon, throwing your last Rolo into your partners mouth kind of love. No, this is dark, obsessive, ‘stalky’ love.

‘You took my life, trapped in the prison

You threw away the key,

You are the curse, I am the captive

Walking on hands and knees’

‘But she’s only 18!’, cries old Mrs FiveTimesDivorcedWoman. ‘How can she already be talking about stalky love??’. That seems to be where the heart of this song lies- the intensity and pain of that very first love, combined with the vulnerability of not knowing exactly who you are yet. It’s about working out the boundaries between ‘true love’ and obsession, and how your entire self can become consumed by another person even though you don’t want it to.

There’s no shortage of female artists in the charts these days, but Charli XCX seems to be one of those rare and exciting phenomena- a female artist with the charisma and intelligence to match her self penned music.  She’s amassed quite a dedicated following on the underground scene (which she’s been doing since she was fifteen??!), and has been steadily crafting her sound over the last couple of years.

This song has been receiving a chronic lack of airplay, which is a shame because it oozes originality and class. In a perfect world it would warrant a top ten, but no matter how it performs this girl is definitely one to watch!

Just don’t ‘stalky’ watch. She doesn’t like that.

‘Stay Away’ is released on May 14th


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