Luring you in with musical wailings…

A new music blogger!!! Right??


Fortunately I can’t hear the sound of raised eyes and bored tears streaming down the faces of people currently reading this (all two of them), so I’ll pretend I’m being greeted by a big giant ipod with open arms and a smiley ‘LOL’ face and carry on anyway.

My name’s Steve, and music has always been a huge part of my life. I tend to like pop/electro/indie but I’ll give anything a bash as long as it’s good. Music loves it when I just sit quietly and listen to it, but seems to hate it when I actually try and engage with it. In the past I’ve sang in a band and tried to learn guitar.


Both turned out to be pretty dire, so I’m hoping that talking about music will be a bit more successful.  I’m always looking for new music, as well as discovering songs/artists that have been around for years but I’ve somehow missed. This blog will be about both- combining the old with the new. I doubt many people will read it, and even fewer will probably learn anything from it, but……what was my point again?



Peace x


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