Luring you in with musical wailings…

OF COURSE!! She’s alone in an empty warehouse and dancing like that child at a birthday party who’s ate too many Smarties and might need to be picked up by her mum soon. It’s the same way adults would probably like to dance if they thought no one was looking, but Robyn knows that people are looking. And this is why Robyn is amazing.

The video for ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ manages to sum up why the Body Talk trilogy, and Robyn herself, are so fantastic. It’s a seamless one shot take of Robyn rolling around the floor, waving her arms about and gyrating like no one’s business. It feels spontaneous and energetic, yet disarmingly simple and honest. As usual Robyn’s performance is mesmerising- moving, intense and always teetering on the cusp of surreal. She knows that she can be a bit mental, but she’s honest about it and doesn’t really care about showing the world her mentalness.



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