Luring you in with musical wailings…

So the weather is shit, the longest day of the year has been and gone and you’re worried the drunken voicemail you sent to your ex last weekend while you were lying pissed on the pavement will turn up in the Sunday papers.


Life just became a little more bearable with the emergence of a previously unreleased Rachel Stevens track!

‘Nothing In Common’ was originally recorded as a demo for Stevens’ second solo album ‘Come and Get It’ under the helm of ‘rather bloody good’ British producer Richard X, which tragically (and let’s not dick about here- in the World Of Pop this was a tragedy) never made the album due to its not being ready in time. It’s a gorgeously gloomy electro ballad which gives a frank account of the dying days in a relationship:

Dreaming of something,believing in nothing

Life’s going down on a night full of stars

This isn’t living, we’re only pretending

It’s falling apart.

It’s a sublime piece of ‘crying alone on the dance floor’ disco pop which Stevens’ melancholic vocals deliver perfectly. It reminds us why 2005’s Come and Get It (which The Guardian included in its list of ‘1000 albums to hear before you die’) was a near flawless pop album, and makes us mourn the fact that it only reached number 28 in the charts before bombing into obscurity ALL OVER AGAIN.

But before we run off to our room wailing about the unfairness of life, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon with rumours that Stevens is currently working on her third studio album. As some of her sweaty ex bandmates try to keep the long extinguished S Club fire burning while gyrating to drunk students around the country, Stevens still remains a potentially amazing solo star who, with the right material, could make a not too shabby contribution to the music world.

In the meantime, if you’ve never heard Come and Get It then go and get it! It’s been lonely for the last six years and needs a very good seeing to.


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