Luring you in with musical wailings…


That bloody La Roux and her immaculate ginger bloody quiff with her bloody famous mother who used to be in The bloody Bill! She only goes and releases THE 80’s influenced synth-pop album of 2009, and then decides to go and spend the next two years pissing around with giant Rubik’s Cubes, or scoffing Pop Tarts with Boy George at Top Gun slumber parties or whatever it is these bloody retro pop stars do. In the meantime the Top 40 continues to have a big massive dance party AT THE BAR IN DA CLUB WIT DRINKS while Dappy keeps it real with his woolly dubstep hats and Ed Sheeran sits politely in the corner with his little guitar keeping it real ‘n’ authentic ‘n’ zzzzzzzzzzz…

But for those of you who literally can’t be arsed to wait any longer for some La Roux style electro pop, a bit of Class Actress might just fill that Tetris holed gap in your lives.

Class Actress is former LA drama student Elizabeth Harper, and like La Roux she’s unashamedly obsessed with 80’s synths and the odd bit of chiptune sampling in her music. Her debut E.P- Journal Of Ardency- was released in early 2010, and continued drinking from the bottle of vintage 80’s electro-pop which La Roux had uncorked and had a big old piss up with the year before. Songs like ‘Careful What You Say’ contained a dynamic mixture of stylish, moody synthetics which harked back to the gloom-cool laments of New Order or Depeche Mode, and a warm intimacy provided by Harper’s playful vocals and thoughtfully brooding lyrics. Even songs like ‘Let Me Take You Out’ or ‘Adolescent Heart’, while going easy on the synths, still contained some New Order-esque guitar riffs reminiscent of The Cure’s giddier 80’s moments. It was basically all VERY SYNTHY AND ELECTRO AND 80’S AND GOOD.

So with La Roux still tweaking the knobs on that long awaited second album, the news that Class Actress was releasing a full album called ‘Rapprocher’ in October 2011 containing 11 brand new songs was all a bit exciting really. Songs like ‘Weekend’ and ‘Prove Me Wrong’ continue the precedent set by Journal of Ardency and feature tracks dripping in thick eyeliner and New Romantic atmosphere. Ice cool, disjointed beats and eerie, sterile synths sit next to warm guitar strings and Harper’s ever breathy vocals to create a record which sounds instantly familiar.

In fact the album’s biggest issue is that it might sound a little too familiar- both to the previous E.P and the influences it derives much of its structure from. There can sometimes be a sense while listening to Rapprocher that we’ve heard it all before, and occasionally the songs themselves have a danger of blending into one big indistinguishable synthy gloop. But as your granny always used to tell you when you were younger: ‘When that La Roux bird is too busy dicking around with her Cabbage Patch Dolls collection and neon shell suits to make a new album, BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS’.

Grannies eh?

Journal Of Ardency is currently available to download from iTunes

Rapprocher is released October 18 2011



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