Luring you in with musical wailings…

It’s Foursome Friday!

There’s nothing better than four songs getting together on a weekday afternoon and having a JOLLY GOOD NOSH. Their mothers would probably go apeshit if they knew what the little blighters were getting up to, but once their hubbies have slipped a few blood pressure tablets into their cups of Horlicks and whacked on the Downton Abbey boxset, they’ll soon settle down.

So which songs are getting their rocks off and having a big old musical grind sesh this week?

Cher Lloyd: With Ur Love

Oh Cher you big loveable dick. You’ve had your ups (first X Factor audition), and you’ve had your downs (the occasional mentalist on Twitter threatening to kill your mum), but despite suffering from the odd case of ‘TIME-TO-STOP-TALKING-LOVE-itus’ , you’re still one of the most interesting, unique and exciting artists to shoot from the X Factor womb and do a big dirty SWAG all over the midwives since the show started.

The world is now divided into those who thought Swagger Jagger was amazing, and those who thought it sounded no better than a nursery rhyme tripping on acid. Those who loved it couldn’t get enough of that raw ‘tude and balls out techno beat, while Lloyds infamous haterzzzzzz thought it sounded like an almighty bloody tits up mess.

Her second single ‘With Ur Love’ sounds like it’s going to be a lot less divisive. The gimmicky vocals and try hard lyrics of Swagger Jagger have given way to a more laid back, melody driven sound which, while still containing those trademark Malvern raps and swagger references, sounds generally more at ease with itself. The lyrics remain playful without needing to descend into slightly cringey youtube references, and THERE ARE NO HORNS OR SIRENS.

Junica: And It Hurts

Like the old man who stands outside your local train station holding three cats and shouting loudly to alarmed bystanders about the price of Flora these days, we’ve already had a bit of a crazy shout about the amazingess of Junica here. He first came to our attention with the synthtastic indie gem ‘Living In My House’ featuring Ladyhawke, and his debut E.P features a delicious mix of atmospheric electro pop and dreamy indie riffs which never fail to hit the spot.

Yesterday he revealed his new single ‘And It Hurts’, and it’s just the kind of jaunty electro indie power stroke that we’ve come to expect from Junica. Perfect for a cheeky Friday nosh.

Vanbot: Lost Without You.

There are so many amazing things to say about Vanbot. She’s Swedish (amazing), she sounds like a Fiat shaped Transformer (amazing), and her self titled debut album is the kind of flawless masterpiece that would send your Aunt Flo into a dribbling, expletive shouting mess of a woman . Vanbot makes music which is, quite simply, beautiful- full of retro pop beats, insightful lyrics and dance driven pathos.

Lost Without You stands out as one of the albums strongest tracks- a tears at the disco lament about broken relationships and self doubt. Most people would probably just get a bit pissed on vodka lemonades and have a badly spelt rant about their ex on Facebook, but Vanbot wrote an amazing song and then decided to give it away for free. ARE YOU LISTENING KATIE PRICE???

Martika: Toy Soldiers

Because every good foursome needs a Martika strutting about the joint and dry thrusting the air while belting out 80’s power ballads at every bloody opportunity. She never gets invited back bless her.


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  1. I swear, I’ve never heard of any of these artists. Haha, looks like I have some music homework to do now 😉

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