Luring you in with musical wailings…

It’s Foursome Fruesday!

EVERYONE loves a good calendar- what with their whole Months/Days ‘thing’ and pictures of kittens romping with wool or Katie Price straddling a motorbike with her baps out. They let your mum know when she’s due for her next colonic and keep you in the loop on the never ending saga of changing Easter dates. IS IT EARLY OR LATE THIS YEAR??! …Oh, late. *resumes life*

But calendars can also be a bit of a self righteous dick. Why do they have to be so bloody right all the bloody time?! Why do Monday’s always have to be on a Monday?! Why can’t they be on a Wednesday for once?? JESUS calendars, just chill the fuck out! Have an Ovaltine. Whack on some Enya. Read one of Madge’s children’s books and light some incense sticks for God’s bloody sake!

What we’re basically saying here is that we couldn’t be arsed to do the whole ‘Foursome Friday’ thing on an actual Friday last week, so Foursome Friday is now Foursome Fruesday! It’ll probably piss the calendar off for a bit, but it’ll still let you know the important things like the fact that Yom Kippur begins at sundown on October 7th. Because that’s just what calendars do.

So which four songs are oiling up for a noisy nosh off this week?

Florence and the Machine: Shake It Out

Everyone’s favourite harp humping warbler returns for a good old musical frolic in the fields of anthemic indie-pop. This is the second song to be released from Flo Mac’s new album ‘Ceremonials’, following on from buzz single ‘What the Water Gave Me’, and features those trademark thunder drums and crashing cymbals that make it sound like she’s just slipped some Red Bull into the water cooler at the London Philharmonic Orchestra and got The Hoff to conduct. Intense, uplifting and mystically mournful, Shake It Out is one of Flo’s strongest tracks yet, and acts as the perfect lead single for that notorious ‘difficult second album’. It’s like the sexy younger cousin of Dog Days Are Over.

And it knows it.

AraabMUZIK: Electronic Dream

Araabmuzik is the moniker of American hip hop record producer Abraham Orellana, and he’s been steadily gaining a dedicated following over the last few years- producing MPC beats for artists including Cam’ron, Hell Rell and Jadakiss (if you’ve never heard of them , ask your gran). This is his first commercially available album, and features the kind of genre defying music that makes it seem both hypnotically addictive and impossible to pigeon hole. Electronic Dream is brimming with dark, electro angst and Blade Runner atmosphere- where ghostly divas coo echoing vocals over hard beats and lonely melodies. Each track bleeds into the other to form an album which has its own living, pulsing soul. If you haven’t already checked it out then get on it!

M83: Midnight City

Excelling in the area of epic synth pop, M83 also goes by the name of Anthony Gonzalez- a French musician who produces songs brimming with euphoric drama and youthful yearning. His fifth album ‘Saturdays= Youth’, released in 2008, was a masterpiece in 80’s influenced dream pop which combined a more focused approach to song structure and theme than his previous works. Midnight City is the first single to be released from his new album ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ , and continues the tone set by ‘Saturday’s= Youth’, with Gonzalez’s dreamlike vocals floating over knife sharp synths and booming electro beats. Perfect high energy electro thrusting for a demanding Fruesday Foursome.

Portobella: Meet Me At The Y Bar

Oh Portobella.


Somewhere a parallel world exists where your first single ‘Covered in Punk’ was ejaculated to the top of the charts in a hot spurt of Nu Wave power pop, instead of dribbling in at number 54 and leaving nothing more than a minor neon stain on the carpet. In that same world you actually released your debut album in 2004 as both a physical and digital copy, instead of dicking around for 8 years and finally throwing it limply onto itunes with all the fanfare of a woman breaking wind in a lift.

And while Meet Me At The Y Bar was probably number one for 6 months in that other world and made Adele’s level of radio play seem modest by comparison, in this world it’s going to have to make do with a cheeky Fruesday Foursome and the knowledge that, while 99.99% of the world’s population probably haven’t heard it, it’s still an amazingly addictive song.

Still, it could be worse. Martika could turn up pissed on Lambrini and end up playing ‘Martika’s Kitchen’ on an old ghetto blaster while dicking around with the beef casserole you’ve been slaving over all day.



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  1. Love Florence 😉
    By the way, I nominated you for a WP award!

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