Luring you in with musical wailings…

It’s Foursome Friday!

Lube up your ears! Strip off your ipod cover! Oil down your headphones and slip ‘em right in.

It’s time to lie back and enjoy the sweaty musical ride that is Foursome Friday

Icona Pop: Nights Like This

Anyone who’s ever visited IKEA knows that shopping there can be an almighty bloody pain in the tit. You walk in perfectly happy with life and come out the other end sobbing over two flat pack wardrobes, a three tiered cake stand and a sheepskin rug while screaming ‘I ONLY WANTED A KETTLE’ to baffled strangers in the car park. It’s all Sweden’s bloody fault- with its ingenious one way maze shops and ‘cattle market’ approach to shopping, but it’s always hard to stay mad at Sweden for long. After an hour of ignoring its calls and calling it a wanker on Facebook it always ends up chucking an amazing new pop group at you which you can’t help but immediately fall in love with.

And now hurtling through the window with a packet of Minstrels and a Sorry card from Moonpig- it’s Icona Pop! They’re a Swedish female duo who specialise in effortlessly cool electro pop with addictive, magnetic hooks, and the four tracks which feature on their debut E.P ‘Nights Like This’ contain a delicious Pic N Mix of girly chant choruses, throbbing synth lines and popping electronics which Swedish Pop never fails to pull off. ‘Nights Like This’ is one of the strongest tracks on the E.P, and seems like the perfect start for a carefree Friday bash.

The Delays: In Brilliant Sunshine

A musical playground would be an interesting place to visit wouldn’t it? You’d have Classical Music sitting quietly in the corner with a Sudoku puzzle and some digestive biscuits, while Heavy Metal Music pissed in bottles and threw them at the teacher. Jazz music would arrive late reeking of whisky and sex, and Pop Music would be too busy making up coordinated dance routines to give much of a shit what anyone else thought of it. They would probably all tend to stick to their own kind, but now and then one might ask the other if they fancied a cheeky ten minutes round the back of the bike sheds.

People tend to assume that Indie Music and Pop Music wouldn’t play together- that if they even tried to spend a couple of minutes in each other’s company they’d end up calling their mothers all kinds of shade- but actually when Indie Music isn’t trying to be a pretentious twat and looking down at anything that doesn’t involve a guitar and a tiresome attempt to appear cool, the two of them can get on amazingly.

The Delays are an indie band who are also a pop band, and they’re the perfect example of how brilliant Pop can sound when it invites a guitarist and drummer over to play, and how much less of a dull twat indie can sound when it adds a few synths to the mix. The Delays brilliant musical formula of combining dream pop with indie rock has seen them produce some incredible songs over the course of four albums, with In Brilliant Sunshine- taken from their 2010 album Star Tiger Star Ariel- being one of their strongest tracks to date. Beginning with a slow moving piano verse, the song explodes during the chorus into a gorgeously blistering slice of energetic indie pop. Catchy, melodic and powerful- In Brilliant Sunshine shows how good Pop and Indie can be together when they stop flicking chewing gum in each other’s hair and just play hop scotch.

FAB- Turn Around

Ah the 90’s- the decade when boybands ruled the pop landscape with curtain hairstyles, heartfelt air grabs and the occasional inappropriate crotch thrust. You couldn’t move without bumping into an East 17 or a Boyzone or a 911. The charts were literally rammed with penis. Then the Spice Girls Zig a Zig Ahhed their way to six consecutive number ones and suddenly it was all about the girl groups. Whether it was B*Witched in fetching denim outfits, All Saints in cool combats or Mel C in her Adidas trackies, during the ’97 – ’99 period of pop there was an oestrogen wafting, attitude thrusting girl group for everyone.

The problem was that there were just too many girl groups coming out at the same time. While the Spice Girls, All Saints and B*Witched dined on number ones at the top, the likes of N-Tyce, Precious, FAB, Girl Thing and Solid Harmonie had to wallow in the shit dropped from above by the bands they were so desperately trying to recreate. Often failure was deserved- the songs being atrociously bad and no more than cynical attempts to recreate and cash in on a seemingly winning formula- but it also meant that some properly amazing songs never got the promotion or success that they should have done.

Turn Around by FAB was one of those songs. With its mellow, piano led harmonising and sublime ballad-esque chorus it should have been everything the ‘90s wanted, but despite releasing the song twice it failed to gain any chart success. Jesus ‘90s, we’ve given you four birds in matching white tops riding bikes on a beach. WHAT MORE DO YOU FUCKING WANT?’.

Always remember two things FAB:

1) Turn Around is an amazing song.
2) Choosing a hair stylist for a video shoot who doesn’t appear to have taken drugs in the past 24 hours is probably more important than you thought it was 😦


It’s bath and an early night for you young lady.


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