Luring you in with musical wailings…

Turn on your location settings and strike a pouty mirror pose. It’s time for the musical equivalent of Grindr to come cruising into your lives wearing nothing more than a pair of crotchless pants and a cheeky wink. That’s right, it’s Foursome Friday! (OnASunday!)

So which four songs are flashing their lights in a darkened car park this week?

Firefox AK- Boom Boom Boom

‘Shake it till you break it, Caress your body until you’re naked, Bend you over grab your shoulder, Slip my Peter inside your folder’

The lyrics for Cliff Richards 2011 Christmas single? Sadly not. They’re the words of ‘90s ravers The Out Here Brothers on their seminal ‘Is this really happening?!’ 1995 number one ‘Boom Boom Boom’- the musical equivalent of a four way spit roast round the back of your local off license on a Friday night.

You would think the cold blooded fear of turning up next to such a song in a Spotify or iTunes search would deter any subsequent artist from using ‘Boom Boom Boom’ as a song title. The Black Eyed Peas, no doubt due to Will. I. Am’s genius lyric writing skills, got round the dilemma by replacing a ‘BOOM’ with a ‘POW’, while the Vengaboys, in their best attempt to solve a musical puzzle since managing to make ‘Ibiza’ sound like ‘pizza’, got round the dilemma by cleverly adding a fourth ‘Boom’ to their song.

In what could either be an act of balls out courage or terrifying stupidity however, Firefox AK has decided to tackle the 16 year curse of using ‘Boom Boom Boom’ as a song title. Perhaps it’s because she’s uncompromisingly brave. Perhaps it’s because she wants to be the Erin Brokovitch of the music world. Or perhaps it’s because she’s Swedish and so remains blissfully unaware of the Out Here Brothers existence. Whatever the reason, what’s done is done- she’s laid her Boom and now she has to lie in it.

With a name halfway between an internet service browser and a rapid fire assault rifle, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Firefox AK spent her days pooing in a sandwich box and posting it to the CEO of Google, or planning the odd guerrilla warfare strategy in between song writing. Luckily for appreciators of non shit music however (Matt Cardle fans are invited to leave the door marked ‘Exit’ on your left), she spends her days being Swedish and knocking out amazing songs like ‘Boom Boom Boom’. It’s a delicious slice of dark electronic pop, softened by Andrea Kellerman’s innocently light vocals, and is the first single to be released from new album ‘Color The Trees’. Fans of poultry based fancy dress will also be pleased to know that the video features Firefox AK dressed like a chicken! Brilliant.

M83- Steve McQueen

When someone describes their new album as ‘very, very, very epic’ it’s tempting to sound the ‘Geri Halliwell Bullshit Klaxon’ and advise them to stop talking such a dribbling load of wank. Nine times out of ten you’d probably be perfectly justified in telling them so, but it does get a bit embarrassing in that one out of ten case where it turns out they were telling the truth all along. As it turns out, M83 happens to be in the latter category- his new LP ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ is a stunningly ambitious double album- bursting with near stratospheric levels of euphoria and drama.

Steve McQueen in particular stands out as a song for which the word ‘epic’ is almost an understatement. Blasting off with a verse racing with machine gun percussion and futuristic electronics, the chorus explodes into a sublime compendium of magical synth layers and roaring strings which combine to form a glorious sonic boom of a song.

Rihanna- We Found Love

Renowned farmer antagoniser Rihanna returns along with famous Jedward stage crasher Calvin Harris for what is, quite simply, one of her most stunning videos yet. Rihanna is in a bit of a strange place at the moment. While the phenomenal success of ‘Umbrella’ changed pop’s navigational course in 2007, and Rated R went for bold self revelation, her most recent album ‘Loud’ has tended to feel like she’s following ‘Shepherd Guetta’ along with the other dance bleating sheep, rather than leading the flock like she should. Of course it’s unfair to constantly dick on about the genre defining moment that Umbrella was, and so place an unreasonable burden on Riri’s shoulders as a definitive leader of pop, but what tracks like Umbrella or Russian Roulette demonstrate is just how untouchable Rihanna can be when she’s setting her own musical agenda.

We Found Love still follows the dance road she’s been on for the last 12 months, but it manages to soar above the more run of the mill fodder as a glowing beacon of how subtle, heartbreaking and bittersweet dance music can be when done well. The vocals feel relaxed and confident, and Rihanna’s performance in the video as one half of a co-dependent, self destructing couple is utterly mesmerising.

She also manages to make vomit look quite appetising.

Mmmmm. Nougat.

Well it wouldn’t be a Foursome without her would it?



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