Luring you in with musical wailings…

Swiss Lips: U Got The Power

Sometimes you hear a song which is so instinctively, ball grabbingly, sherbert suckingly brilliant that you just want to give it a big old frenchie, run naked with it into the street and grab Mrs Jones from number 34 as she sets off to the shops for that new 1% fat milk she read about in Readers Digest so you can do the ‘WOO HOO WOO HOO’ bit with her in the sort of carefree, don’t give a fuck way that this song injects into your brain like a motivational flavoured Red Bull.

The ingenious 80’s dance routines, those infectious power pulse synths, that charmingly kitsch YOU CAN DO IT message in the lyrics, the jaunty carefree vocals, the ‘Boom Boom’ bit: everything about this song and video is so unbelievably genius that it makes me want to gush until I’m dry.

They’re called Swiss Lips. It’s called ‘U GOT THE POWER’. And I love it.


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