Luring you in with musical wailings…

Life is a funny thing isn’t it? In the same week that you watch Michelle Heaton on Celeb Come Dine With Me walking knickerless down a flight of stairs with all the dignity of a Yak in heat, you hear an amazing song by a North East girl band which immediately makes you sit up and want to scream like…well, a yak in heat.

And then you only go and find out that the two things are bloody connected! Sirens are a North East girl band whose original line up involved none other than the vagina flashing dignitary herself. Heaton left before the band’s debut single- a cover of N*E*R*D’s ‘Things Are Gettin’ Better’ was released, and it’s funny to think how, while Heaton’s career has been reduced to appearing on reality TV shows with her lulu out, the band she left all those years ago recently released their third studio album and appear to be going from strength to strength.

Having been together for over ten years, Sirens have almost certainly earned their stripes when it comes to their place in the music business. Not only did some of the girls sell their cars in the early days and even sleep rough in order to pay for studio demos, they’ve also managed to make serious waves in the US and Japan through a combination of sheer hard work and a determination which has seen them stick together while countless other girl bands have gone to that big old harmoniser in the sky. In an industry focussed overwhelmingly in London, there’s also something charmingly endearing about the girls decision to remain in their home city of Newcastle- another indication that the three girls who make up Sirens are confident enough to do things their own way.

Their latest album #3: Opium Apathy, released early last year, features a collection of catchy electro pop tracks which. while not exactly breaking new ground, would still probably make the current Sugababes line up weep into their spray on PVC suits. Songs like ‘Don’t Let Go’ and ‘Stilettos’ contain a fun, dance edged and, dare I say, Gaga-esque beat, while ‘Murda’ and ‘Damn Right’ head in a more urban direction. However, the stand out track comes in the form of ‘Good Enough’- a fizzing electro ballad with an irresistible melody that sees the girls harmonising in the same enchanting manner as the mythical figures from which they take their name.

It’s been a tough old time for girlbands in the last few years. 2011 saw countless groups try to make it and often failing- SoundGirl, Wonderland, Belle Amie, WooWoos, BelleVoxxx and BeachGirl5 (‘Ohhhhhh THEM!’ *confused face*) to name but a few. But sticking together for ten years and releasing three albums suggest that Sirens are more than capable of navigating their own way through the rocky pop terrain that so many of their contemporaries have broke careers on.

And if the music thing goes tits up from now on they can always be filmed serving up a lamb shank to Peter Stringfellow on Channel 4, right?


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